4th Grade Math

I learned how to divide. I learned how to divide and multiply fractions. I did not like fractions. My weakness was number lines. My strength was multiplication. I liked learning frequency. I did not like learning length,capacity, or weight/mass. Another strength was equivalent fractions. I like doing decimals. I don’t like using protractors. I want to learn algebra.

So Long 4th Grade

The most important thing I learned was how to divide. My favorite project was planting seeds in the garden. I was most surprised when I heard that we were going to the splash pad. The thing I disliked was the STAAR test.

My Invention

My invention is a game of skill. What you have to try to do is get a stick out of a bottle with a nail in it. It does take a while to get used to. It is easy to make it though. Also you have to try to put it back together. Last to put it back together you have to screw the nail back into the stick.Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 9.15.03 AM